Pro’s and Con’s Of Drop Shipping

This training should dispel a lot of the hype and the misinformation about Drop Shipping.

Our number one suggestion is never pay for a subscription to a drop shipping company or service. 99.99999% of the time they are a scam to get you to pay for a subscription to their “Drop Ship Warehouse” where most of the time their products are not competitively priced for selling on eBay, let alone a website or other E Commerce Market Places.

In most cases you can find the same items from this so called Drop ship Warehouse being sold for less on eBay than what you can get the items for out of the Drop Ship Warehouse (probably being listed for less online by the same drop shipper). And then there is the risk of the Drop Shipper not actually having the product in stock which could result in negative feedback because the item doesn’t get shipped. So the question to ask yourself here is “How much do I trust this company with my feedback?”

One of the best ways to setup a drop ship opportunity is to work directly with a manufacturer or a local business that you can build a solid relationship with and will drop ship the items you sell at 100% accuracy. I call this “Creating Your Own Drop Shipper”. There will be a step by step on how to setup up a drop ship supplier relationship as previously mentioned on this page very soon.

Listen to Suzanne Wells take on the Pro’s and Cons of drop shipping.

dropshipping pros and cons mp3 (right click and select “Save Link As” to download)



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