Free Research Technique – Using Google Images to Research eBay Collectibles

Even with the best research tools, sometimes finding a comp for a collectible is a challenge. Here is a creative way to research a unique collectible when experiencing difficulty finding its market value.

Of course, you would exhaust the obvious resources of checking completed listings, using Terapeak, checking the Kovel’s website, asking around on your groups and forums, and searching Google. But many people don’t realize that Google has an images section which can be very helpful – and it’s free!( I am researching this Black Beauty ceramic horse sculpture by the Franklin Mint for a consignment client. I was not able to find much information on this item, and used this technique to get an idea for pricing.)

Follow these steps.

Enter your keywords in the search box and run the search the regular way:













Then, search images. Look on the sidebar, or on the top left for the images heading.











And voila! There is the statue I am listing. I can visit the sites where these photos are hosted and possibly find more information. I like using Google Images because you can actually see the item and visually compare it to the item in front of you. The regular Google search gives you text and it is much more time consuming to have to click each entry and read about the item.

You can mouse over each photo and look at the site where it is hosted. For example, by mousing over one of the photos, I can see that it sold for £12 in the UK.











Try this technique the next time you need to research a hard to find or unique item!


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