What is “Liquidation Investment Training”?

The “LIT” opportunity is our new inventory sourcing program by Jim Cockrum, Nathan Bailey and Linda T. (A former coaching student who has now become the teacher). It’s a time tested and proven approach to securing virtually unlimited amounts of highly profitable inventory to sell quickly (and in many cases hands free) on Amazon, eBay and the other outlets that we’ll show you.

Who is LIT for?

Currently the LIT training is only for those living in the U.S. or near the U.S./Canada border. We’ll expand the course once we’ve helped all of our current students get established, and we’ll be adding in other countries soon – so stay on the notification list even if you don’t live in the U.S. The LIT course is best suited for semi-experienced online, eBay and Amazon sellers that are looking for a significant boost in inventory levels. Even if that’s NOT you we can get you up to speed if you’ll allow us to. Please give us your contact info and we’ll get you up to speed if it’s a good fit for where you are in your life. If that’s not you let’s still talk about it to see if this course, or one of our other results oriented courses are a good fit for you.

You can listen to a conference call that we did earlier this year and learn more about the Liquidation Investment Training By Clicking Here


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  1. Randy says:

    Randy Conrad here, PAC member as well. I’ve met Jim and the other guys and went sourcing with Jeffrey. Anyway, I’d like to know about this.

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