eBay Is Not Dead – with Andrew Milburn


DSC00072aaaaA question I get all the time (well almost all the time) is “Does eBay still work” or “Are you still selling on that ebay site, thought it had long gone” Well yes eBay has over the 16 years I have been selling on there changed a great deal. When I started there was no PayPal you had to wait for a cheque to arrive in the post, you could list anything under the sun and it would sell for decent money.

But I can assure you eBay still work today, yes the way we list items has changed, we can no longer add rubbish and expect we get the same traffic and sales. Buyers are more e commerce savvy and know what they are looking for – Good quality items at a good price.

As sellers we need to make sure the items we sell are what people want and need – but this is the same in any retail business find the people group and then find the product that meets the people group needs and wants.

If you have taken a break from eBay and now want to come back to selling on the platform, take some time and look at the site and see how it has changed. Look at the new policies they have in place and also read up on how to source, list and sell items.

Within Online Selling Coach you will find loads of ideas and How To help items to help you source, list and sell your items. But remember yes we can help you with ideas, we can provide you with help videos and tutorials but at the end of the day it comes down to you and the time, effort and money you are willing to put into your eBay business. Yes I am sorry eBay has changed a lot but it still takes work, time and money for stock.

Before you list items do some research either on ebay it self or using something like Terapeak to see how well the product ideas you have are selling, and what their sell through rate is. Like I say eBay is not dead, but the way they do business and expect you the seller to do business has changed a great deal, but remember.

So why not make that decision and either make a start on eBay for the first time, or dust off the cobwebs on your eBay accounts and make a start selling once again on eBay, and see how you too can grow your business and give yourself an extra income stream.

Remember we are all here to help and support you all we can just ask questions either in the Online Selling Coach Facebook Group or from within the Online Selling Coach Site.

Happy eBay selling.


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