Four Tips To Help You Grow Your Business in 2016 And Beyond – with Andrew Milburn


DSC00072aaaaAs we start a new business there are many different parts we have to pull together to make our business the success we want it to be. But even before we get there, there are a few things we need to learn and then apply to make our business the success we have dreamt of and laid out in our goals and plans.

  1. The first and most important thing is know who your customer is. Over the years I have been consulting and training people and businesses and when I ask them the question “Who is your customer” they often reply…… The people out there, the world? Anyone who want to buy. Now while that could work, it is far to broad and wide and could cause you never to grow your business. You are far better to drill down and define who your customer is…. Age, Sex, Job, Income, Do they have the means to buy your item (as we are online sellers do they have credit cards or bank cards). Once you have defined who your customer is, you can now go and source products to meet that customer’s needs and wants. So tip one is “Know your customer”
  2. The next tip is quite hard for online sellers who often work alone to take hold of as they often think and believe it is a sign of weakness or failure. But in fact it shows that you are strong and a true leader. This tip is “Know when to get help”
    Yes at times we all need help in our online business this help can be in the form of having a VA work with you, to someone helping your prep items, people to go out and source and even someone to help in the home to do the ironing and cleaning. You just need to identify when you need the help and then take action and get the help. So tip number two is “Know when to get help”
  3. The next tip covers those dream stealers in your life. Sadly these people come in all shapes and sizes and from different people – (family members, children, friends, co-workers etc) You need to learn to block out these people, and only fill your mind with positive thoughts and ideas. Surround yourself with like minded people as yourself. Stick to groups and forums where there are only positive thoughts and ideas going around. So tip four is “Stay away from dream stealers”
  4. The last tip for today’s article is to know when to be flexible and when you need to stand your ground. For example you may have laid out in your business planner that you will only source items that sell three times the cost price. But while you are out you see an item that only give you a smaller profit. But it has a fantastic sales rank, no other sellers – what do you do? As long as the numbers all add up you can add bit of flexibility to your business plan and in this instance buy the items.
    But there may be another time where the numbers look ok but you just have that gut feeling that something is not right, so this time you stand your ground and say no I am sticking to what my business buying planner says. So tip four is “You can be flexible in your online business”

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