How To Cope With A Down Turn In Your eCommerce Business – With Andrew Milburn


DSC00072aaaaIf you have been selling on sites such as eBay and Amazon for several years, you will notice from time to time your sales will either slow down and at times just dry up for no reason. When this first happens to a new seller (and at times someone who has been selling for a long time) panic sets in. But just sit back and look at the why this has happened and what you can do to get those sales back on track.

The first thoughts that go through a person’s mind is “What have we done wrong?” “Have eBay or Amazon banned us from the site” and normally the answer is no. Yes there are times when one of those statements come into play (And you will know as they will have emailed you many times on the subject) but normally it is something far more simple, and once it is understood you will not panic again. And put it down in your notebook.

And just as a sideline if you are not keeping a business notebook or journal you need to start one today, either online or offline. You keep all your new ideas here and what changes you have made in your business and when you get a drop in sales make a note of this with date and month, so in future years if it happens again you can refer back to your notebook and see this is a normal thing for your niche at that time of year.

When you sell on sites such as eBay and Amazon we have to learn how to deal with

  • Summer-Time
  • Winter
  • School Holidays
  • Major Sporting Events
  • World News.
  • Natural Disasters

Yes believe it or not all the above can have a major effect on your sales and at times can cause them to stop. And it is something we just have to deal with, but there are some things we can do to help sales continue through the first four items, but the world news is something else.

When I mention world news I am not talking about local events happening around the world, I am talking about events that keep people watching the news 24/7 and their minds are fixed on events happening rather than buying products.

The other four events can be worked on. For example if you are selling ski equipment you are not going to be selling much of that when it is summer in your home country. What you can do is sell internationally to countries where they have snow. And it works the same the other way round, you will not sell summer items in winter in your home country.

Of course you can also introduce a new line of products for each season, so as one season finishes, you introduce a new line of products and keep on switching. You can also build your business so you sell enough products in the months you sell, that you can then live off that income the rest of the year. Yes people really do this.

Another event that can alter your sales are major sporting events. Events such as the Olympics, World Cup Football, Major Basketball, Tennis. Again you can prepare for this happening in your business and just ride the wave and after a few weeks or just a weekend your sales will continue as normal.

One area people miss is the area of sport. It is a known fact that once an event like the Olympics has finished people all around the world are keen to take up a new sport, how prepared are you in your business if that happens?

In closing I have covered a few areas that can harm sales, but there are times when it is known of those and it is just the product you are selling has stopped being popular, it is at times like this you need to change your product line.


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