Mind Your Language And Sell More – with Andrew Milburn


DSC00072aaaaHow many times have we heard the phrase “Mind Your Language”? I would guess we hear it quite often. Sometimes it is because people are swearing and someone is offended by the phrase, the context or where the language is being used. In this article I do not want to cover this type of language but another type of language that could offend your buyers and will also lose you sales, and in sales is far worse than swearing. The type I want to cover is the difference between that of sellers and buyers.

In today’s world of online retailing there can be a vast difference between what sellers use and the keywords that buyers will use to search for your items you are selling. If as sellers we use keywords and phrases that are only used by people in the industry we sell in, then quite often our buyers will never think of using BNIB. BNIB stands for Brand New In Box. As sellers we need to be aware of what the words, phrases and terms are that buyers will use to find the product online. One very useful tool is the Google Keyword tool, this gives us a good idea of the words people are searching for on a daily basis.

Another area where we need to be careful is when we are selling in a very tight niche where the buyers do talk in code and use product numbers and product jargon. If we sell in this type of niche we need to be fully aware of the types of words that this type of buyer will be using.

One area that is very useful when you are doing keyword research is buy a few magazines, and read them through. By doing this you will get a feel for the type of language that buyers are using, also take a look at some of the online forums and after a short while you will be able to pick up different words and phrases that your buyers are using.

Lastly when you write a description, article, press release it is also a good idea to use very simple words and phrases and never make people have to think, what does that word mean. As soon as you do this, you have a chance of losing a customer. People like to read and understand without having to go and find out what a word means. Just keep it simple and your sales will grow. To help you why not print off a sign that says Mind Your Language, and put it somewhere where you will see it every time you are writing an article or eBay listing.


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