Time To Get To Work And Stop Procrastinating – with Andrew Milburn


DSC00072aaaaI guess if we are honest, most of us would rather put off doing a job and spend a bit more time talking to family, friends, work colleagues or sending that last Twitter or Facebook post, but those few minutes, often turn into ten minutes and ten minutes into an hour and before we know it several hours have been lost. And time is something we cannot replace once it has gone it is gone.

And it is even worse for people who work alone selling on sites such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy – Why, because there is no one there to tell us to snap out of it and get on with sourcing and listing. The only person we are hurting is us as at the end of the day we look back and say ok, today was an off day, tomorrow I will get to it and list more, but guess what the same thing happens time after time.

The first thing is we need to acknowledge we do have an issue with procrastination and then do something about it, but if we are going to beat it we need to first say yes I do have an issue and then develop a plan to beat it.

  • Something that has helped me over the years and it has also helped others that I have shared this simple but effective tip is to set yourself a deadline before the real deadline. For example let’s say you need to get some eBay listings up for a certain event, and the real date is March 15th, you put in your diary and your todo lists March 1st. This gives you a sense of urgency.
  • Share with a close and trusted friend that you need them to keep you accountable and to ask you the questions. Have you done that listing, have you written that article, have you attended that event. And you give them permission to ask you on a regular basis and also ask the question “Why have you not done it?” Now of course you need to have a close relationship with this person and also be comfortable with them when they ask it.
  • Have a ToDo list – I use two one that I write down oh real paper, and one I use online. Currently I use ToDoist – I find this app works well as it works on my computer, phone and iPad this makes it very portable and user friendly. But you must do the todo list the night before, and then mark the top 5 items that need to be done and the rest are done in order of importance. This allows you to wake up in the morning and as soon as you hit the desk you look at the list and know what you are doing and not sitting there thinking what shall I do first.
    Then when you have completed the task, you cross it off and start on the next one and so on.
  • Have set business hours (within reason) and say to family and friends, yes you would love to see them,or go out for a few hours, but you do have a business and if you worked in a real office with other people and are being paid to be there to do a job then you could not just take off for a few hours just because a mate asked you to.
  • A tip I have heard, but have not used myself is, if you are struggling with the whole concept of working from home and getting into that work process and are spending to long procrastinating before you start your day, is to dress as if you were going to work in a office. The people I know who have done this have said it worked well for them

I hope the above hints and tips help you beat the procrastination that is stopping you getting your business to the next level. But the important thing is do not beat yourself up. Be honest and then take action to beat it and very soon you will be focused, completing those todo lists, getting those items listed and sourced and growing your ecommerce business.

And when you have completed your todo list for a whole week go and treat yourself to a nice lunch, or a dinner, or a take away, but you must award yourself. And then do the same each week and very soon you will have kicked procrastination out the door.


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