The Coaching Staff and founders here at have paid their dues, made all the mistakes, experienced all of the trial and error so you won’t have to “Run The Gauntlet” of figuring it all out on your own.

All of the Coaches/Authors here at are all active Top Rated Power-Sellers on eBay and preferred sellers on Amazon. Having rock solid reputation’s and years of experience and successful track records in online selling is what separates us from “The Other Guys” (And Gals). We all do what we teach and have successful Websites, Blogs & Social Media Networks.

Take the time to read Our Bio’s and get to know us. (Chances are you already know us)

Skip McGrath

eBay, Amazon & Website Seller, Author and Trainer

Skip McGrath and his wife Karen began selling on eBay in 1999 and expanded to selling on Amazon in 2006.  Skip is the publisher of the eBay & Online Sellers News, the oldest and largest eZine for eBay and online sellers.  He is also the author of 14 books about online business and selling on eBay, Amazon and from websites, blogs and social media.

Prior to starting his eBay business Skip had a 25-year career in international marketing and help executive positions at two Fortune 100 companies.  He also started a number of businesses including a microwave component business in Silicon Valley and a highly successful antique shop in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Skip and his wife Karen still sell on eBay and Amazon every day and Skip is still writing and publishing newsletters, books and blogs at the Online Sellers Resource. Last year he started a new site to service the retired and senior community, 
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Nathan Bailey

Director Of Coaching & Business Development –
Nathan brings 16 years in Business consulting, 18+ years web site development, deployment & tons of eBay and Amazon marketing experience to our team. Nathan runs the one on one coaching program for Skip McGrath and Jim Cockrum and has coached 100’s of people to online success

Since 1995 he has developed numerous successful web sites and has a genuine concern for helping people and producing successful results for his clients and affiliates. Nathan has a very broad area of expertise teaching beginner to advanced clients in all areas of eBay, Amazon, Product Sourcing, and E commerce Websites.

Nathan  also has done business consulting and coaching for master marketers such as Skip McGrath, Jim Cockrum, Dave Espino, Ron LeGrand, Tim Gross, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy- Michael Kimble, Andrew Lock, Steven Covey, and many other Nightingale Conant published authors as well.

Over the years Nathan has established his reputation as a leader in the Online Selling & Marketing field as a guy that makes things happen. Let Nathan and his group of business consultants customize and tailor a one on one personalized coaching solution that will be right for you and your new or existing online business.

Currently Nathan is the CEO and owner of a full service Marketing and Consulting Firm Creative Media Consulting Inc. Nathan has also been a Powerseller on eBay for over a decade and is fluent in building and designing Websites, Graphic design, Custom eBay listing pages, About Me Pages, Blogs, SEO and a plethora of other Marketing Services.

For the last 8 years Nathan has also managed and overseen all of the one on one coaching and training programs for #1 best selling author and eBay expert Skip McGrath as well as #1 rated internet marketing expert Jim Cockrum.

Nathan and his wife Karen and two children live in the mountain town of Cedar Hills, Utah where he also owns a recording studio that focuses on helping musicians and artists get access to real recording facilities and market their music more effectively.

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