Use Google Shopping to Source Inventory

By: Suzanne Wells

When you find a profitable product locally, you can also look for it online. Maybe you have cleaned out all of your local sources, or you just want an easy way to get more of the product without much legwork or time invested in the process. Let’s say you found this Aveeno moisturizer SPF 30 on clearance at your grocery store for $10. You found several bottles at a few different stores and it sold quickly for $36.99. In this case, you were the only Amazon FBA seller. Let’s say this is your listing:










At these price points, you are making a profit of $19.34 per bottle. You want to get more of this! Go to Google and search for the name of the product:

















Then click the SHOPPING tab. And you will get to a page like this:












Find the one with the lowest price, in this case $17 from 2 stores. Click on COMPARE PRICES and you will get a screen like this:

Start investigating your options. In this case, your cost for the item will be more than the grocery store clearance price, but you can buy a large quantity and have it delivered to your door. You can still make a nice profit on this item at this price. Order enough to get free shipping and be sure to verify expiration dates. This is a case where knowledge is power.

You have already discovered that this product is selling well and you just need more of it. Why does this work? There are many smaller websites, wholesalers, and closeout websites that are not aware that they can sell their products on Amazon for a higher price. Maybe they just need to move a large buy quickly to turn their investment over in a short period of time. Maybe they are intimidated by Amazon and have no interest in learning how it works. Maybe they sell on Amazon under a different name and only merchant fill their items because they don’t understand, or are not aware of FBA.

These situations exist and you can take advantage of them if you just know how to look.


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