Have you seen that show on the History Channel “American Pickers”?

Here is the the flyer that is handed out by the American Pickers when they are out looking for stuff to resell.

This list of items is what you should be looking for when out Picking Yard sales and Estate Sales.





6 Responses to What the “American Pickers” are looking for

  1. eldon says:

    i have old john deere pedal trators one with umbrella and trailer and one with out. old gas pump wayne i believe. few old metal toys possibly , a few old bottles. contact me back if intrested

  2. Keith Felton says:

    I have a 1951 Cosmopolitan Rag Top Convertible. When I looked it up only 27 are known in existence. It’s was left in an old garage since the mid 60’s.

  3. Neale Magill says:

    We have an auction coming up in our area that has many items you may be interested in. Mainly old oil cans and buckets. If interested look on auctionzip zip code 17050 and the auction in New Kingstown. I am sure you get crackpots all the time willing to work with you so take this as you would like. We are in central pa and I plan to go to the sale. Fan of your show and would love to look at old stuff. If I do not hear from you no problem here.

  4. Karen froese says:

    Original picture of the Ford boys that hung in the Wayne Assembly Plant..Dearborn Michigan..circa 1947. I can email you a picture of it if you are interested. Thank you.

  5. Susie Foster says:

    Have a 1940’s Sawyer view master with reels. Also old monopoly game wooden pawns,houses/hotel
    Even dice.

  6. Roger Pettit says:

    I have a lot of stuff one thing I have is a old motor some people think it is a winkle proto type. a hit and miss engine on a log saw. like I said I have a lot of stuff

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